Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Many current concepts that connect Science amd Spirituality could
serve as a spiritual foundation for the Future. In this essay site
it is my intent to provide descriptions of selected topics as well
as commentary regarding how I see how this selection might evolve
in the Future.

Though certainly not all that I might select, some of the topics
I will discuss are as follows:

• The New Cosmology
• NeuroCosmology
• Deep Ecology
• The Cosmic Plenum
• Vitalism, Panpsychism, Emergentism

• Panentheism
• Natural Theology
• Evolutionary Theology
• NeuroTheology
• Memetics and God
• Consciousness
• Multidisciplinary, Multidimensional
• Noosphere Extended
• Intuition
• Meditation
• God Imagery
• Archetypal Psychology
• Gestalt Psychology
• Transpersonal Psychology
• Enactivism
• (Psi) Non-Local Prayer
• (Psi) Peak Exprience
• (Psi) Near Death Experience
• (Psi) Reincarnation
• Transhumanism

• Wisdom Traditions
• Creation Spirituality
• Eco-Spirituality
• Personal Entelechy
• Us & the Universe